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To keep your medical billing on top, you need the right revenue cycle management. Claims processing, payment, and revenue generation are all a part of that cycle. They have to be managed separately, yet handled in a way that allows them to flow seamlessly together. That can require a delicate balance, but new innovations in technology have changed the way the revenue cycle is tracked.

We can help you streamline your billing process and maximize your income.

We'll provide you with access to working capital so you can keep your business moving forward.

A proper revenue cycle ensures that your business will continue running as smoothly as possible.

Revenue Cycle Management


The specialists at IV Medical can follow the entire revenue cycle and find any issues that need to be corrected. Having an expert revenue cycle management company is the best way to make sure your revenue stream stays intact, and that each step is taken care of the right way. You don’t have to get into a revenue stream problem due to mismanagement or a misunderstanding of how to handle all the billing needs your facility has.

About IV Medical


No matter the size of your practice, IV Medical can help with your revenue cycle management needs. From a small office operated by just one doctor to a full-sized hospital that offers every imaginable medical service, we can adjust and monitor every part of your revenue cycle. You don’t have to spend any time trying to decide what changes need to be made, or whether it’s a good idea to adjust the way a particular part of your revenue cycle is handled.


Instead, you can let IV Medical take care of all of that. We can show you areas where management of your revenue cycle could be optimized, and work with you on solutions that will be right for your institution, no matter how large or small it is. Then we can continue to monitor and manage your revenue cycle, so your practice can keep moving forward.

Why Choose IV Medical?

No Risks

Most medical facilities don’t have the staff or the training to handle proper revenue cycle management, but they may avoid using a company to lower costs. In the long run, though, not hiring the right company can mean higher costs and more difficulties. Avoid all that by getting in touch with iVolution Medical today.

High Level of Value

With a mix of financial and technical expertise, we can ensure that your revenue cycle management is handled the right way, from beginning to end. Our management team is not only strong, but also focuses on diversity.


Our co-presidents, who also serve as CFO and CEO, are both CPAs with more than 20 years of experience each, so you know you’re getting the knowledge needed to correct any problems in your revenue cycle management and keep it running smoothly in the future. Having a company you can trust can make all the difference.



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