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If you need medical billing for your practice, IV Medical is the company to contact.


We provide a comprehensive service that’s fully US based. We also provide a bonus that you just can’t get with other services. We have CPAs on staff that can assist medical practices in the analysis, understanding, and control of their revenue cycles. This can help ensure that your practice discovers any problems that you’re having with your revenue cycle, learns how to correct them, and then continues to improve so you don’t have the same kinds of revenue-based worries in the future.

Your billing is in good hands with IV Medical.

Here at IV Medical, we have 25 years of experience in medical billing. We’ve stayed up to date throughout the years, and we know what works and what to be looking for when we work with a new client. You need someone on your side, and someone who can help with medical billing issues and ensure that your practice is operating as efficiently as possible. We can provide that help.

When you work with IV Medical, you get a number of great features to help keep your business moving forward, including:

Electronic submission of claims, to ensure that the turnaround is as fast as possible.

Dedicated and comprehensive follow-up and collection on unpaid claims, to bring in the most money for your practice on a consistent basis.

A team of specialists assigned to each practice, so you'll never have to worry about whether you're getting the best people for the job.

Operations and staff that are fully based in the US.

Online access to your practice’s data on a 24/7 basis, so you can always see what's taking place.

A state-of-the-art billing platform, which lets you view sophisticated, easy to use reports, and financial information.

Practice analysis assistance led by our staff of CPA’s specializing in Revenue Cycle Management.

Computer tech support by our in-house IT professionals.

Managing your office’s finances can feel overwhelming.


There’s a lot to consider, and depending on the size of your practice it may be difficult for the person or team you currently have to handle everything necessary for the proper management of office finances. Rather than hire more people, buy expensive software, or try to find a way to cut corners to reduce cost, it’s better to give us a call and let us handle your medical billing needs. That way, you know you have the right company and the right team behind you, and you won’t have to recruit and hire other employees.

It’s easy to see how IV Medical can help with your medical billing needs.


Let us be your go-to company, and we’ll provide you with everything you need to ensure you get the most from your practice. Medical billing can be complicated, especially when collections and related matters are involved. Handling insurance companies, working with patients on payment plans, and simply collecting and processing revenue can be difficult, but there are ways to make things easier.

We are one of those ways, and we’re dedicated to making sure your medical practice has billing that’s quick, efficient, and easily trackable. That can allow you to see where your business is going, and what kinds of adjustments you might need to make to be sure you stay on the right path to success and continued growth.

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