IV Medical can improve your cash flow and enhance your revenue cycle.

If your medical practice is faced with significant problems to your cash flow, IV Medical may be the answer you’ve been looking for.


The money you have tied up in accounts receivable is likely quite a bit, and it’s affecting the ability of your practice to continue to grow and develop. It’s probably also causing you a lot of stress that you’d prefer to avoid. If so, we may have a solution that can help you reduce your stress levels, bring in cash, and get your business moving forward again.


Working with us at IV Medical can give you the opportunity to borrow against your accounts receivable, so you can infuse cash into your medical practice that’s needed for overhead, paying employees, the purchase of equipment, or anything else that’s important to your practice. Having working capital is vital if your practice is going to be successful, and if you find that you’re low on that capital, the stress can start to build. Giving us a call can change all of that, quickly and without hassle, so you can go back to providing help and hope to patients without needless worry about your working capital or other cash flow issues.

Improve your cash flow with IV Medical.

You can get started on anything you need to do with that money, instead of waiting around for insurance companies to pay. That can take weeks or months, and can get frustrating and stressful when your practice is busy and has bills that need to be paid. You need cash now, not in six months when the insurance companies finally get around to processing your claims and start issuing checks.


No longer will the growth of your practice be held back by a lack of cash and a high level of accounts receivable. You can avoid all that by working with us, and letting us provide you with an alternative to waiting on payment from insurance companies. By managing everything to do with your finances in one place, you’ll also lower your stress levels and make it easier for you to see everything that’s taking place with your practice. That can help provide you with peace of mind, and the opportunity to plan for growth and development options to move your practice forward.

With CPAs on staff and more than 25 years of experience in the medical billing field, you can rest assured that IV Medical can give you what you need.

IV Medical provides working capital to medical practices, and can enhance your revenue cycle.


You can use that money for anything your practice needs, and we’ll work out terms you’re comfortable with. With a single-vendor business model, we can offer your practice not just working capital, but financial consulting services, medical billing services, and IT consulting services. Why not get everything you need to improve the financial health of your business in one place? It’s faster and easier that way, and keeping everything in one place can also mean significantly less cost to your practice, improving your bottom line.

We know what matters to you, and we know how to help your practice get the cash flow it needs and start moving forward again.


All those stressful days and sleepless nights can be avoided, simply by getting in touch with us and letting us leverage the power of your accounts receivable to infuse your medical practice with much-needed cash that you can start using right away. It’s an excellent way to advance the goals of your practice.


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